Summer Preparation For Vents

The temperature is rising again. While many in the country are grateful after having a weird, icy winter in the east, others would be just fine if they skipped over summer entirely and landed back in winter after an unseasonably hot year in the west. No matter where you live, though, it's time to prepare for some hot summer weather anyway. Ensuring your air conditioning works is essential, but so is getting the farther reaches of the system ready, including the vents. [Read More]

4 Ways Your Home Is Losing Heat

If you think you may need a new furnace but can't afford a new one yet, you may be wondering how you can improve heating efficiency without buying a new furnace. There are many ways your home is likely losing heat that isn't normal. Check out these four ways your home is losing heat and making you pay higher energy bills. Through Windows Older windows are notorious for allowing the transfer of heat. [Read More]

How To Get Your Central Air Conditioning System Ready For Summer

When the first hot days of summer roll around and you turn on your air conditioner for some cool relief, it's a major frustration when your air conditioner sputters and fails to kick on. Prevent that from happening by getting your air conditioning unit ready to go before hot weather sets in. Here are some things you can do. Check The Outside Unit If your condenser cage wasn't protected with a cover during the fall and winter months, it might be clogged with leaves and other debris. [Read More]

Central Air Conditioning System Problems In A House

Is it a waste of energy to turn on your central air conditioning system because it doesn't keep your house cool anymore? Have you decided that getting the air conditioner repaired is too expensive for what you can afford? If you have not spoken to a technician about the problem, it isn't wise to assume that the repair will be costly. The root of the problem might be related to something that is minor and can also involve other aspects of your house. [Read More]