Gas Furnace Quit? Check The Blower Motor Reset Button

If your gas furnace quits, the first thing you might do is check the pilot light to see if it's properly lit. But if the pilot light is on, you can check your appliance's blower motor reset button for problems. The reset button shuts off the blower motor if it becomes too hot. Learn more about the reset switch and how to restart it below.  How Do You Reset the Emergency Button? [Read More]

This Isn't Cool: Signs Your AC Is Having Refrigerant Issues

There's nothing worse than dealing with air conditioning problems during the summer. There are only so many layers of clothing you can take off in your attempts to get cooled down, especially when you live with a houseful of people. One way to avoid air conditioning problems during the summer is to keep your system fine-tuned, which involves monitoring the refrigerant levels. You might not realize this, but insufficient refrigerant levels can stop your entire air conditioning system from operating properly. [Read More]

Smelly Drains? These Tips Can Help!

Bad odors coming up from your drains can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing. The solution depends on what is causing your drain to smell bad. The following tips can help you get to the source of the problem, as well as fix it so that your home smells fresh again. Sewage Odors Raw sewage or sulfur-like odors are caused when sewer gasses are escaping from deep within the plumbing and making their way up the drain. [Read More]

Summer Preparation For Vents

The temperature is rising again. While many in the country are grateful after having a weird, icy winter in the east, others would be just fine if they skipped over summer entirely and landed back in winter after an unseasonably hot year in the west. No matter where you live, though, it's time to prepare for some hot summer weather anyway. Ensuring your air conditioning works is essential, but so is getting the farther reaches of the system ready, including the vents. [Read More]